Le Champignon de Tokio and The HeadHouse

Tokio Sushi Bar

Tokio Sushi Bar

Come to Philadelphia's best kept secret - Madame Saito (Queen of Sushi) welcomes you to her recently upgraded Sushi Bar - TOKIO SUSHI BAR !!

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Tokio Sushi Bar

Tokio sushi bar is reopening it's doors, remodeled and re-purposed with an entirely new menu. 23 years ago Madame Saito brought her blend of French and Japanese cuisine to Philadelphia making Tokio a pioneer for sushi on the east coast. Now together with chef and artist Craig Kandel they've kept that pioneer spirit and created a restaurant that aims to not just give its patrons delicious food but a unique experience of life.

Tokio has become a blend of fresh local organic food, sustainable design, art and responsibly harvested fish. We're teaming up with local farms in order to create a menu that changes with the seasons and can bring the best tasting food directly to your table. The key word is fresh. The close relationship with the farms allows the chefs to create entirely new meals daily. And the intimate setting of the restaurant gives us the ability to listen to each patron and invent special meals for every dining experience.

Part of our mission at Tokio is community involvement. Not only do we believe that you should know where your food is coming from. We'd also like you to take part in its creation. Tokio will continue it's tradition of offering affordable sushi classes and other workshops in food agriculture, fermentation, techniques and preparation. We're kicking off an emerging chef residency program. It will allow chefs from the area and around the world a chance to take over the menu at Tokio for a week, collaborate with local artists and run their own workshops. This allows our patrons a chance to enjoy an ever evolving exciting menu and gives us a chance to give back to our community.

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