Want to learn how to roll your own sushi?

Classes (2 person minimum per class)


sushi class philly

Level I Private Sushi Class : Two hours for 2 people $250

Group Of 10 or more $100 per person

  • Learn how to make sushi rice
  • How to roll sushi maki and variety of different styles of rolls such as Hosomaki, Uramaki, Hand Rolls, Temaki, Futomaki super rolls.
  • Learn how to cut each rolls into pieces



Level II Private Sushi Class: Three hours $350 for two people

Group of 10 or more $150 per person

    • You will learn everything from level 1 plus sushi Nigiri , rolling makis and , tuna, salmon, eel, spicy tuna, ect.




Master Course Sushi Class : Three hours $500 per two people

Group of 10 or more $200 per person

  • Making Sushi rolls
  • Making sushi nigiri
  • Learn how to prepare fish for sushi and sashimi, slice fish technique.

Sushi Parties are held once per month on Saturdays for returning students $65 per person.



Dinner is included in all of our classes - you get to eat what you roll!

We offer special events from anniversaries to bachelor, bachelorette parties to Sweet 16 and more! Hands on experience in creating the classic sushi rolls, eat what you make, and take home your sushi for your friends and family.